Aleva, New Brand identity of the traditional leader

  • Task
    Company Aleva, thanks to its leading product Aleva Paprika, which has become a generic name for ground red pepper, enjoyed a strong recognizability on the domestic market. However, the researches have shown that a greater part of the customers is not familiar with the rest of the products from Aleva portfolio. Together with “Aleva paprika”, company Aleva had over 160 different products; the best known were dehydrated soups. The deep connection between the corporate and product branding created confusion among consumers and presented Aleva as a traditional and old-fashioned company, which was opposite to the goals of the company’s new management. Accordingly, Unibrand task was to reposition the whole product portfolio by creating a strong and recognizable brand Aleva, as well as to position the company as a modern one that respects traditional values.
    The process of repositioning started with the development of the company’s new visual identity. The new identity more clearly indicated the basic values of the company, such as sociability, tradition, creativity and innovation. As the next step, Unibrand defined brand architecture with the aim to organize the company’s portfolio. This enabled the harmonization of all products within the portfolio, which resulted in high recognition of Aleva products at the point of sale. The last step in the development of the repositioning strategy was to redesign the product, as well as to define communication strategies. Repositioning of Aleva company and its products resulted in shares price increase on the stock market for 300% and a rise in sale of the soups category for 40%.