Amorin Liqueurs, Message in a bottle

  • Task
    Unibrand had the task to create a packaging concept for a series of home made liqueurs, including the bottle and label design, with the idea to promote the restaurant Ćatovića Mlini and the local tradition of Morinje region. The product was designed to be consumed in the restaurant, but more importantly as a gift to some special and loyal customers. By presenting this gift, the restaurant promotes the local tradition in spirits production that involves careful selection of ingredients typical for the area of Boka Kotorska, and thus further promotes the opulent touristic attractions of Montenegro coast.
    The concept emphasizes the dedication to careful ingredient selection and for that reason the recipe and the product description are clearly accentuated on the label. The bottle shape reminds of apothecary bottles, which amplifies the impression of clarity and scientific approach to liqueur production. The name AMORIN is a word of Roman origin typical for the heritage of Boka Kotorska and means “a fragrant pillow”. By its sound it also reminds of the area of Morinj, where the liqueurs are made. As a gifting program, these liqueurs attribute to the customer loyalty and the promotion of the restaurant and Boka Kotorska.