Intesa Magnifica, Package for special clients

  • Task
    Intesa Magnifica is the package for special Intesa Bank clients, created to satisfy even the most refined demands of clients. It is intended for successful individuals who always demand the best from their business partners and associates. Unibrand had a task to develop brand platform which will promote the program through all communication elements, from brand identity to branding of the bank branches as well as campaign.
    Intesa Magnifica package clients are ambitious, intelligent and successful business people. They appreciate professionalism, accuracy and kindness. They need somebody who can understand them and value their success. Accordingly, the idea for brand platform is based on the usage of brand ambassadors with whom our clients may identify. Creative identity solution with its clear lines and graphics involves a simple and straightforward, but also rather determined and precise brand identity, which is done in the spirit of the basic brand values of Intesa Magnifica package and the basic principles of the Bank.