Delta City, Brand identity development

  • Task
    After the successful positioning of Delta City, the new task for Unibrand was to redesign its visual identity in order to keep it always fresh and trendy. Delta City being one of the most recognized brands in Serbia, it was a big challenge to redesign its visual identity. The goal was to refresh it and make it more modern, but remain within the well-known platform that promotes brand values: optimism, excitement, dynamism and sociability.
    In order to preserve the high recognition and consistency, the main brand pillars such as the logo, typography and brand device must be preserved. Therefore, the decision was made to refresh the brand by introducing new and restyle the existing elements. The logotype and basic colours remained the same. The brand device followed the trends and got a third dimension as well as modularity that enabled it to change its appearance to fit various themes. This generated a dynamic and flexible platform that will always bring a fresh breath into communications and Delta City identity, without compromising recognition.