Grand Deluxe, Just for the special ones!

  • Task
    Company Grand Prom, the leader in the segment of traditional coffee, introduced premium coffee in its portfolio as an answer to market demands. Access to the premiumsegment required a new brand development, intended for those customers who love glamour, have a refined and sophisticated taste, and who are ready to pay more for the first-class quality. Identity concept and the new brand design needed to be sophisticated and attract attention of the customers who see traditional coffee as “an outdated product”.
    Mystical, seductive, luxurious, unique – these all could be attributed to the new Grand Deluxe coffee. By its elegant identity, name and product image, this brand communicates its key values to special customers. The design, dominated by black and gold colours, presents luxury and refinement. Sophisticated and premium appearance was also achieved by the selection of materials and final production. This design solution helped develop a good platform for connection with other premium products and co-branding.