GTC, The secret of number 41

  • Task
    The company GTC is a developer of business, commercial and residential spaces in the real estate market of Central and Eastern Europe. According to the request of the GTC management in Serbia and the need to promote the new buiness building and attracting potential tenants, Unibrand developed the name and visual identity of the new building, as well as the design of the sales brochure.
    The new GTC building is situated in New Belgrade. Blocks of buildings in New Belgrade are marked by numbers, and this block is numbered 41. Through the new visual identity, colour code and typography, we created the direct association between the luxurious nature of the space and its identity. The building 41, with its modern techology and engineering solutions, will be the first certified "green" building in Serbia, possessing the highest comfort standards.
    The brochure is designed to provide easy and clear information to all interested clients.