Marbo Chipsy, Harmonization of brand portfolio

  • Task
    Company Marbo entered the market at the beginning of the 90s and very quickly occupied the leader’s position. With its brand Chipsy, company Marbo gained the domination on the market of confectionery products not only by the high quality of its products, but also by innovations in flavours and the development of the products themselves. Although Chipsy was the most sold potato chips on the market, company Marbo recognized the need to refresh its brand by developing new design. The existing design was inconsistent and not flexible enough for introduction of the new flavours. Unibrand had a task to develop a new design for existing products within Chipsy portfolio, as well as to develop the adequate brand architecture, which would enable creation of the stable platform for development of the new products within the portfolio. The aim of the listed activities was to safeguard the leading position on the market.
    Soon after the incredible success of the Chipsy brand, Marbo company started a new category which could be categorized as healthy snacks. Once again, Unibrand task was to develop a complete brand program by devising the brand name and identity, as well as the packaging design.
    The initial idea of Marbo company was to make Clipsy a brand for children. As the brand category developed and company Marbo introduced the new category Dini targeting children, there was a need to re-position the brand Clipsy.
    Unibrand task was to develop Clipsy as a master brand for the category targeting teenagers and younger population; the master brand had to be flexible enough to support the introduction of the new brands.
    Due to market development, it was necessary to improve not only the product but also the corporate image. As a result, the revitalization process of Chipsy brand started by defining brand architecture. The next step was visual harmonization of Chipsy brand. Clear relations system between elements on the packaging was introduced by the process of visual harmonization, as well as the relation between the corporate and the product branding. Brand unification within the portfolio made Chipsy brand highly recognized at point of sale and created synergy effect by which the value of one product was transferred to other products and corporate branding. In this way, a simple platform for development of new flavours and products was shaped.
    Almond, hazelnut or roasted peanut "snacks" may be described as tasteful, delicious and, on the other hand, nourishing and useful. The final choice for the brand name happened to be the interesting and seemingly common and funny one - "GUD". Elegant and simple image of the product as well as the unified and harmonized design indicate that this product comes from Marbo family.
    In order to create the platform for the development of the new sub-brands within the Clipsy category, Unibrand worked first on the development of a very recognizable visual brand identity of Clipsy. Brand icon in the form of a small cloud, as well as the lively typography, made this brand recognizable and flexible enough. The next step was to define the design packaging standards and brand identity, so as not to disturb the harmony and the recognizability of the brand.