MINI HOME, Visual Identity, PL and environmental branding

  • Following the change in ownership and restructuring of the company Home Center and its name change to Home Plus, this retailer decided to offer a new format to the market – shops Mini Home.

    This format offers a wide range of affordable items: a selection from the Home Plus markets, home improvement and gifting items, as well as a wide range of textile products under their own PL brand.

    For the retail chain Mini Home, Unibrand developed the visual identity, designed labels for different types of items in its PL range, and as a separate project Unibrand designed a system of signage and environmental branding for Mini Home stores, implemented first in the Delta City shopping mall.

    A clear and impactful branding solution with its vibrant and optimistic red colour attracts shoppers, and its implementation is suited to the relaxed style of the target group of Mini Home brand and their offer.