Rajićeva Shopping Center, Signage & Wayfinding

  • One of the leading world operators of shopping malls Ashtrom extended its business to Serbia, investing in Rajićeva Shopping Center in Belgrade. Unibrand team most successfully responded to the high standards demanded for the Signage & Wayfinding project, set by this experienced global operator.

    The design of the signage for three parking levels as well as four retail levels is based on the graphic elements of the center’s interior design, complemented with original symbols and pictograms.

    The project consists of several segments: pedestrian and vehicular flow analysis, types of signs, sign positioning, design and 3D design, dimensions and materials selection. In the final project phase, while creating the Tender document, Unibrand supplied Bill of Quantities, technical drawings and specifications for each individual sign.

    The result is a visually striking and clear solution that facilitates wayfinding in the center and the garage without traffic jams, which reduces time spent in the garage and leaves more time for shopping!