Soko Štark, Brand Icon redesign, Najlepše želje

  • Task
    Najlepše želje chocolate is to the market of Serbia what Milka and Nestle are for the global market. The unforgettable taste of the chocolate from our childhood made Najlepše želje an iconic brand. However, beside its huge recognition, the brand’s sales and market position declined due to the insufficient following of global trends and lack of marketing activities. Unibrand was hired to breathe in a new life to Najlepše želje by a rejuvenated and refreshed identity.
    In order to keep the extremely high recognition of the brand and its graphic elements, it was necessary to find the right approach so as not to endanger further the brand’s position. Unibrand team decided to restyle the basic graphic elements, but to keep most of their existing position. A new brand device as the crucial element for the harmonisation of the product portfolio was introduced, along with a contemporary product shot. This resulted in a new and rejuvenated image that did not endanger brand recognition.