Sunstone Residences Visual identity development, brochure design and web site

  • A new tourist-residential luxury complex categorised as condo hotel is being constructed within the beautifyl Milocer bay, Montenegro. It is a special type of hotel that offers its residents various amenities and services similar to a classic hotel.
    Due to its location, the characteristics of the target group, building materials and its essence, the complex was named Sunstone Residences.
    Unibrand task was to create a strong, remarkable identity that will clearly convey the specialty and style of the complex and differentiate it towards the competition, in its own market and in a wider region. The inspiration for the development of the creative concept came from the symbol of Sun stone, a half-precious stone believed to bring happiness, vitality and optimism. The ornamental style of identity fully depicts the elegant and premium character of the complex.
    Within the project of developing promotional and sales materials, Unibrand team developed the structure and contents of the brochure whose main goal is to inform potential buyers about the complex and through a set of lifestyle photographs, architectural drawings and renderings to create the picture of the complex and its natural pleasant surroundings. The brochure respects the highest standards of finishing, thus conveying the essence and the premium character of Sunstone Residences.
    Selected information is also available to potential buyers on the property website, design to tickle imagination and visually present the beauties and advantages of holidaying in this region and this complex.
    Further project development includes the Signage & Wayfinding system, including design, technical drawings, production and installation of all signage elements aimed to bring the Sunstone identity into the living space and to facilitate wayfinding to all visitors, so they can freely enjoy their stay.