Tri Nove

For the NEW life of Zemun that we love. And for your NEW life within it. 


For our client Merin Asset Management, one of the leading real estate companies in Serbia, whose growing portfolio of visionary projects include mixed-use commercial and residential developments, we created visual identity and sales materials for the Tri Nove complex. 

Tri Nove is a place that preserves the spirit and values ​​of the Zemun we love, while at the same time representing the epicenter of Zemun’s modern renaissance. The name and visual identity clearly reflect the character of this complex, built in the heart of a quiet, family-friendly neighborhood that is evolving into a new, modern district. With its three residential-commercial wings, the complex has been designed to the highest standards of construction, and, taking inspiration from the heritage of Zemun, as a microenvironment in which tenants will have everything they need for a comfortable life.

As part of the presentation material, we created a sales brochure designed to clearly provide all relevant information for discerning customers who recognize the value of quality of life in a quiet and welcoming environment.

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