Centuries Young

The ancient city of Kotor has always been and remains the scene of important events and the center of culture and free thought. A place where various influences come together and intertwine shaping its spirit that kept him young - throughout the centuries.


Tourism Organization of Kotor has entrusted us with the project of developing a brand strategy and a new visual identity. Destination branding of this ancient city was a challenging but inspiring task. While defining the brand strategy, we identified key themes that reflect the spirit of the city and the brand idea was born.

Evolving from the brand idea the slogan Centuries Young emerged, picturing together with the elements of visual identity, the character of the city through iconography, typography and images of the experiences it offers to its residents and visitors. We have developed a distinctive visual identity through a messaging system that enables easy communication with different target groups and can cover a wide range of communication topics. Dynamic visual expression through the use of pictogram systems describes the essence of the city and all its characteristics: geographical, topographic, cultural-historical and climatic.

The logo provides an opportunity to represent the sights and attractions of other settlements in the Bay Area, which are distinctive units, each with its own culture and unique architecture.

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