Genie in a bottle

Centuries of stories are liberated with each sip…like long-captive genie in a bottle. Make a whish!


Inspired by its heritage and its complex nature we created concept and packaging design for unique artisanal hand crafted liqueurs Amorin. By evoking the world of herbal remedies we crafted a design language that tells a story of its origin and celebrates the true spirit of this special blends.

Infused with layers of discovery the story evolves through an arrangement of hand-drawn maps, botanical elements, a refined copper detailing, reflecting the essence of its sophisticated alchemy. 

Rather than just complementing food, a bottle of Amorin takes you to a metaphysical journey through the centuries of history and into the mountains, down to the sea, capturing the spirit of people and honoring the traditional method and expertise of blending that requires knowledge...but most of all passion and patience.

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