70 Years Together on the Road

Jugopetrol AD ​​is truly the "Mobilizing energy "! Out of the synergy of our collaboration, striking creative solutions emerged in celebration of the company’s momentous anniversary.


70 years together on the road" is the slogan with which the Montenegrin company Jugopetrol AD ​​celebrates 70 years of existence and 15 years since joining the large and successful international Hellenic Petroleum family.

The celebration of this jubilee was marked by two thematic campaigns that we realized together. Both campaigns aimed to promote the years of experience, tradition and quality of the products and services that this company offers.

As part of the corporate campaign, we created a TV commercial, OOH and digital solutions, as well as promotional material for points of sale.



The Jubilee Consumer Reward Prize was created to last over 70 days and aimed at all customers who put a minimum of EUR 7 worth of fuel into their tank. 70 customers each won a EUR 70 fuel voucher in a prize draw, and one lucky winner received a car. For this campaign, we realized animated TV commercials, POS material as well as solutions for digital communication channels.

The campaign resulted with a stronger positive image in the public realm, new customers, and increase loyalty within existing customers.

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