He/she who reads the signs, does not wander

More satisfied customers, less time spent in the car park, more time for shopping!


When visiting shopping malls, it’s important that one always easily finds what one is looking for and that the car park is not a maze in which, after shopping, one looks for their car with hands full. When Ashtrom, one of the world's leading shopping mall operators entrusted us with the task of designing signage for the new Rajićeva mall in downtown Belgrade, we made sure that this important aspect of the shopping experience became seamless, from arrival and shopping, to leaving the car park.

The high demands in the field of project design for Signage & Wayfinding set by this experienced global operator were most successfully met by our team.

The project covers several segments: analysis of visitor and vehicle movement, definition of signage types, positioning of signage within the facility, design as well as industrial design of signage and materialization. The final result is a visually striking and clear design solution for the three car park, and the four commercial levels, that enables easy orientation within the building, while avoiding delays in the flow of vehicles.

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