Welcome to the City of Joy

A city that inspires an abundance of content. A place where we hang out and always share pleasant experiences. Welcome to Delta City!


The trend of shopping centers becoming places of gathering, socializing and entertainment as consumers demand experiences that go beyond traditional shopping, has also changed the way we interact with them. After successfully positioning Delta City, our new task was to redesign the visual identity. Bearing in mind that Delta City is one of the most recognized brands in Serbia, in the process it was imperative to preserve brand recognition, strengthen its position, refresh the visual identity, and prepare for the future. The resulting platform preserves the core brand pillars and places them within a contemporary visual context.

The new treatment in displaying the elements of brand identity attracts attention with its strong and contemporary expression, providing plenty of opportunities for application through all channels of communication, as well as instant brand recognition.

This concept, which uniquely summarizes the current brand positioning and anticipates future directions of development, has reaffirmed its flexibility and withstood the test of time, demonstrating that it has been created as a support system and a natural framework within which the brand has lived and evolved for more than a decade.

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