A life filled with sunshine

Sun stone is a semiprecious crystal, a symbol of sun and vitality. The name we chose reflects the essence and character of the Sunstone Residences complex in which life is filled with light and energy from the sun.


Inspired by the symbolism of the Sun Stone, we created an identity that fully embodies the elegant and premium character of this luxury tourist-residential complex in the beautiful Bay of Milocer.

As part of the presentation and sales material development project, we aimed to arouse interest, stimulate imagination and evoke the beauty of staying in this special place. We developed the structure and content of the brochure and website, whose primary goal is to introduce and inform potential customers about the features of the complex, and through a set of lifestyle photos, architectural displays and renders, create an impression that evokes its natural and comfortable environment.

The next phase of the project included work on the design of a Wayfinding / Signage system for the entire facility, from designing, to producing and assembling all elements. The main goal was to reflect the identity through all elements of spatial signage, thus enabling visitors to easily navigate and enjoy the complex.

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