Internet for the Future

Modern technologies influence almost all aspects of our lives. Their cold and “expert” nature presents a challenge for those who try to present the benefits of any technology to potential users through visual identity.


Unibrand team was presented such a task by the management of Hyperoptic, a leading UK fibre broadband provider. The goal was to develop and upgrade the brand and visual guidelines of Hyperoptic in a comprehensive Brand Book.

The Hyperoptic current brand positioning was further developed through defining brand essence, values and personality, customer focus, tone and style of communications. We added a more vibrant and optimistic feel to the brand, aiming at motivating and inspiring both company employees and potential users.


In the graphic part of the Brand book, a part of the existing brand identity – their brand device – was transformed into a more dynamic and contemporary interpretation. This graphic element served as a tool for communicating a full set of benefits that Hyperoptic internet offers, through special icons ownable by the brand. These icons graphically represent specific activities that users can enjoy with fibre broadband.

The Brand book developed a set of collaterals as well as the graphic basis for all future communications with different customer groups through various channels: print ads, BTL activities, direct marketing.

The result is a detailed and comprehensive manual that outlines directions for all potential implementers of the brand identity in both B2B and B2C communications.

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